SHPEP scholars are a part of an alumni network of more than 30,000 individuals at all stages of education and career development, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s larger network of programs. Extend your SHPEP experience. Join the SHPEP alumni network — a community of MMEP, SMEP, SMDEP, and SHPEP alumni to connect with each other and share ideas, news, and resources.

SHPEP alumni also have the opportunity to give back and represent the SHPEP program in a variety of ways:

  • Offer opinions on the health care issues of the day.  Connect with SHPEP alumni on LinkedIn.
  • Serve as an SHPEP Ambassador by recruiting future students.
  • Share your personal story on our website, or in featured magazine articles through your college or university.

For more information about getting involved, send an email to

Note: These opportunities are for program alumni only!