Program Contact

Contact: Sonja Tutsch, MPH

Phone Number: (402) 559-5932


Program Information

Location: University of Nebraska Medical Center Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Public Health, Omaha, Nebraska


Start/End Dates: TBD

Academic Credit: No


The Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) at the University Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) offers a dynamic and interdisciplinary academic enrichment experience that emphasizes a global approach to learning. Our cross-cutting interprofessional curriculum is comprised of faculty and staff from the UNMC Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Public Health. We strive to graduate confident and proud SHPEP Scholars ready to pursue their educational goals and dreams. Our six week program is focused around essential competences required of successful health professionals of tomorrow, who will be tasked with assuring health equity and delivering culturally and linguistically competent health services. Critical elements of the UNMC SHPEP curriculum include a broad spectrum of resilience and personal health and wellness promotion, fostering self-care practices, problem solving, time-, and financial management, and study skills. UNMC SHPEP Scholars are involved in a wide range of academic enrichment activities in the basic and social sciences, and interactive workshops aimed at strengthening students’ research and inquiry skills. Multiple career development sessions are intentionally distributed across all  disciplines represented, and will be used to direct scholars towards the exploration of various health professions,and demystifying the admissions process. The University Nebraska Medical Center is committed to growing a diverse and passionate health professions workforce. We strongly encourage students from underrepresented and divergent backgrounds to apply.

Clinical Experience: Due to ongoing uncertainties around COVID-19 and plans for virtual delivery, the SHPEP at UNMC team will increase the number of Virtual Learning Community Leads (VLCLs), who will assist each of their assigned groups of Scholars in connecting with a local, or virtual mentor in their health profession focus area. Additionally, VLCLs will help link Scholars with shadowing opportunities in their local community. Should in-person shadowing not be feasible by time of program start in Scholars’ respective community, VLCLs will help Scholars negotiate the possibility of securing shadowing hours at a later time. In the summer of 2020, our health profession college partners successfully trialed interactive, live, clinical skills, and field observations with area public health practice partners. We are confident the SHPEP at UNMC team will be able to further enhance Scholars’ opportunities for experiential learning in our ever increasing virtual world.


Meals: Students will receive a meal subsidy.

Stipend: The UNMC SHPEP program will provide a $600 stipend distributed in two installments. The first installment of $300 is paid to scholars on Friday afternoon of the second week of the program, and the second installment of $300 is distributed the Friday of the fourth week of the program.


Social Activities: Virtual elections for positions on the SHPEP at UNMC Student Advisory Board (SAB)are held in advance of program start. The SHPEP at UNMC SAB hosts daily interactive discussions, virtual wellness rooms, and private hangouts designed to help facilitate strong bonds, a sense of community, and friendships that last a lifetime.  Members of the SAB develop a calendar of weekly social activities and breakout rooms to which  Scholars are pre-assigned. This approach allows all of the Scholars to interact and get to know each other in small groups.