Program Contact

Contact: Marcus D. Howard, MPH

Phone Number: (212) 305-4157 (email preferred)


Program Information

Location: New York, NY


Start/End Dates: June 17, 2022-July 29, 2022

Academic Credit: No


SHPEP at Columbia University Irving Medical Center provides students interested in pursuing a career within the health professions with a well-deļ¬ned, integrated approach to learning, focusing on the core science curriculum needed to apply to health professions schools for medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, public health, nutrition, and occupational therapy. Students will engage in intense coursework, labs, learning-skills, and career development courses during the six weeks of the program while participating in wellness sessions and seminars.

The program strives to help students enhance and improve their chances of becoming successful applicants and students at the health professions school of their choice.

This program will be implemented as a hybrid model (two weeks virtual and four weeks in person)

COVID-19 Institution Policies:

Masks are required for all indoor activities at this site.

Vaccination is required to attend this site

More information regarding the campus COVID-19 policies:

Clinical Experience: Clinical experiences will be incorporated into the curriculum through simulation-based learning. Body Interact, a virtual patient simulator, supports the effective practice of clinical reasoning and decision-making skills through realistic virtual patient scenarios. Students will be exposed to lifelike situations and will be able to observe changes in visible signs and symptoms or lab tests that will help them to treat a patient. The patient reacts to everything students do. The virtual patient simulator allows scholars to train their mind to think and prepare for the real world, in a safe environment.


Meals: Meals will be provided to program participants.

Stipend: A $600 stipend per scholar will be distributed in three installments (week 1, week 3, and week 6).


Social Activities: Scholars will be able to foster a sense of community through various group activities (e.g. virtual Zoom hangouts, virtual museum tours, cooking classes, virtual plays, etc.). Social activities will be planned and led by Teaching Assistants.