Program sites are completely autonomous in their admission decisions. The SHPEP National Program Office (NPO) has established the following admission and acceptance procedures for program sites and applicants.

  1. The application is marked complete only after all required application materials have been processed by the NPO.
  2. Designated program sites automatically receive complete applications.
  3. Admission decisions will be released on March 15, 2022.
  4. Admission decisions are released on the application dashboard.
  5. Accepted applicants can only confirm their attendance to one site. All confirmations are final and cannot be changed to another program site for any reason. Students who choose to withdraw their confirmation, regardless of the reason, cannot be considered for any other program site for the summer.
  6. Applicants have up to two business days after their admission decision is released to confirm their acceptance to a program site.
  7. Applicants who fail to confirm their acceptance after two business days will receive a Withdrawn After Accept admissions decision from the NPO.
  8. Program sites will begin accepting students from their wait list on March 17, 2022 if space permits. Waitlisted applicants must check their account daily until their status has changed. If status is changed to “Accepted,” applicants have 24 hours to confirm their acceptance or they will be withdrawn from the program.
  9. Program site coordinator will contact the confirmed applicants with further instructions no later than the end of March.


Admission Decisions


All applicants are required to confirm an acceptance no later than two business days after the decision is released. Failure to do so will change the ACCEPTED decision status to WITHDRAWN AFTER ACCEPT.


No action is required.

Withdrawn After Accept

Applicant did not confirm their acceptance by the deadline or chose to withdraw from the program after admissions decisions were released. Eligible students who receive this status will not be permitted to apply to the program in the future.


Program sites maintain independent wait lists. Coordinators will begin accepting students from their wait list on March 17th until their cohort has reached capacity. You will have 24 hours to confirm if accepted. Wait lists are likely to be exhausted by the end of March.

Please note: wait listed applicants are not automatically notified once they are accepted, and therefore must regularly monitor their admission decision status starting March 17.


The program site cohort has reached capacity.