Program sites are completely autonomous in their admission decisions. The SHPEP National Program Office (NPO) has established the following admission and acceptance procedures for program sites and applicants.

  1. The application is marked complete only after all required application materials have been processed by the NPO.
  2. Designated program sites automatically receive applications for review once they are marked complete.
  3. Admission decisions are released at 12:00 AM EST on the following dates:

                February 15 – Early Admission

                April 1 – Regular Admission

  1. Admission decisions are released on the application dashboard. Applicants may not contact any site(s) about admission decisions prior to their decision release date.
  2. Accepted applicants can only confirm their attendance to one site. All confirmations are final. Students who choose to withdraw their confirmation, regardless of the reason, cannot be considered for any other program site for the summer.
  3. Applicants have up to two business days after the admission decision release date to confirm their acceptance to a program site.

                Early admission applicants must confirm their acceptance no later than 5:00 PM EST on February 17.

                Regular admission applicants must confirm their acceptance no later than 5:00 PM EST on April 5.

  1. Wait listed applicants have up to two business days from the date that they are removed from the wait list to confirm their acceptance.
  2. Applicants who fail to confirm their acceptance by the deadline will receive a Withdrawn After Accept admissions decision by the NPO.
  3. Program site coordinators are automatically notified once an applicant confirms their acceptance online. The program site coordinator will contact the applicant with further instructions.


Admission Decisions

Admission decisions for early admission applicants are limited to Accepted or Not Accepted. Regular admission applicants may receive Accepted, Not Accepted, Wait Listed, or Site is Full decisions.


Applicants are required to confirm their acceptance by their respective deadline. Failure to do so will change the ACCEPTED decision to WITHDRAWN AFTER ACCEPT.


No action is required.

Withdrawn After Accept

Applicant did not confirm their acceptance by the deadline or chose to withdraw from the program after confirming. Students who receive this status will not be permitted to apply to the program in the future.


Applicant will be accepted to the program site if space becomes available. The extent of the waiting period is dependent on how quickly other accepted applicants submit their response to the program site.

Wait listed applicants are responsible for monitoring their admission decision status because they are not notified if it changes. If accepted, applicant will have two business days to confirm.


The program site has reached its capacity for accepting and/or wait listing applicants.