URL: http://www.rwjfleaders.org/programs

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Human Capital Portfolio invests in innovative, inspired and diverse people, supporting their efforts to improve health and health care for everyone. The programs work to ensure that the nation has a diverse, well-trained workforce to meet the health care needs of all Americans. Human Capital scholar, fellow and leadership programs aim to:

  • Create opportunities for collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to solve health and health care challenges.
  • Develop skills, offer resources and provide training to create effective leaders.
  • Anticipate and fill gaps in the health workforce to meet future needs.
  • Find and attract a varied network of individuals to pursue careers in health care in their communities.
  • Support scholars conducting pioneering health research.
  • Honor exceptional individuals who overcome significant obstacles to improve health care in their communities.
  • Provide academic support to college students interested in a career in medicine or dentistry.
  • Prepare leaders to influence and shape health policy.

For additional information about RWJF Scholars, Fellows & Leadership Programs visit, http://www.rwjfleaders.org/overview.