The Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) National Program Office is seeking nominations for four new members for the SMDEP Alumni National Advisory Board. The upcoming terms begin in March 2015. The SMDEP Alumni National Advisory Board advises the National Program Office (NPO) on issues related to enhancing alumni engagement, identifying opportunities to reach the program’s target population, and overall program activities that meet the mission of the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program.

Nomination and Selection Criteria

Individuals must be an alum of the MMEP, SMEP or SMDEP program

1. Secure recommendation from the program site you attended.  This is strongly preferred but not mandatory.  Alumni from program sites no longer in existence or Alumni who do not have a contact or relationship with a program site should provide a letter of support from a mentor, supervisor or contact at volunteer or service organization.

2. Evidence of commitment to mentoring, volunteering or community service (as shown on your CV, resume or letter of support)

Members will be selected based on the following criteria but not limited to:

1.      Regional and geographic location

2.      Profession or major

3.      Commitment to mentoring, volunteerism or community service

Board Term

Board membership will generally rotate on a two-year term basis, with one-half of the committee turning over annually, except for board members that are appointed each year.

Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the SMDEP Alumni National Advisory Board are expected to actively participate in the work of the board, provide thoughtful input to board deliberations, and focus on the advancement of SMDEP goals. These include but not limited to:

·         Review all relevant material before board meetings (when provided)

·         Attend board meetings, actively participate by sharing opinions on issues

·         Support the efforts of the advisory board Chair and carry out individual assignments made by the Chair

·         Work as part of the team to ensure that the Board’s work and recommendations are in keeping with the general SMDEP mission and goals.

Time Commitment

The alumni advisory board will be convened by the National Program Office via conference call on a bimonthly basis and one in-person meeting in conjunction with a preexisting national conference, (AAMC Annual Meeting and/or ADEA Annual Conference).

Please submit a copy of your resume, letter of support from the Program site attended (preferred) and 250 word statement on why would like to serve on the SMDEP National Alumni Advisory Board to by Tuesday, February 3, 2015.  New Board Members will be notified of their selection to the board on February 9, 2015.

Please note the Alumni Board will have an in-person meeting in conjunction at the ADEA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA March 6-8, 2015. Travel costs will be covered by the National Program Office.

Questions about the SMDEP Alumni National Advisory Board and the nomination process can be directed to Bridgette Hudson, Communications and Alumni Relations Specialist at