MMEP/SMDEP was such a positive influence in my path to becoming a physician. The program aided me in being successful in the basic sciences thus ensuring I could achieve the GPA required to apply and be accepted to medical school. Additionally, by creating an environment filled with people who looked like me and have shared many similar experiences, the program helped to build my confidence in realizing that such a goal as being the first physician in my family was not only attainable, but was inevitable. No matter how difficult the road to the finish line became, my experiences at MMEP/SMDEP and relationships I developed there provided the fuel I needed to continue to the end.

I was accepted to Boston University School of Medicine, graduated with my MD; Class of 2012 and am currently completing a diagnostic radiology residency at the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had my son during this journey. I fondly remember being inspired by a Yale medical student who had a child which I met during my time in the summer program. She remains an inspiration to me to this day. By creating an environment for these examples to be seen, MMEP/SMDEP will continue to ensure that underrepresented persons in medicine will increase in number and continue to mentor those behind them.