Program Contact

Contact: Jordan Sharpshair, MS

Phone Number: (352) 294-8628


Program Information

Location: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


Start/End Dates: July 6, 2020 - July 31, 2020

Academic Credit: No


UF SHPEP is an immersive program where scholars will engage in case-based learning and interprofessional experiences. Scholars will learn to prepare for the rigors of professional school through our academic program and workshops on successful study strategies. The University of Florida Health Science Center (UFHSC) houses six health related colleges (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health & Health Professions, and Veterinary Medicine). It is the only health science center in the southeast, and one out of three nationally, where all six colleges of health are co-located on the same campus. The UFHSC provides students who are interested in the medical, dental, pharmacy, or public health pathways an opportunity to explore career choices in a collaborative and collegial environment. Examples of UF SHPEP activities include:

Academic Enrichment: The academic enrichment component of the program enhances studying and test-taking abilities and improved knowledge of basic science principles. Scholars (a) review, acquire, integrate, and apply the basic science principles that underlie biomedical theory and practice; (b) analyze clinically relevant problems to recognize the molecular basis for the causes, effects, and methods of treatment of disease, and to excel in pre-professional course work; and (c) become aware of advances in health sciences and understand the contributions of research to health care.

Clinical Skill Laboratories: Scholars work with a human patient simulator to illustrate biological principles and laws of physics and chemistry in a hands-on manner utilizing customized scenarios and simulations such as the dangers of drug abuse or smoking. Similarly, the College of Veterinary Medicine has a Clinical Skills Laboratory with animal models to demonstrate and practice lifesaving CPR, as well as basic medical and surgical skills. The College of Dentistry offers laboratory experiences giving the scholars hands-on experiences in dental procedures, such as creating tooth composites and denture models.

Gene Diagnostic Laboratory: Scholars participate in a wet lab experience in the biotechnology teaching laboratory. Students are introduced to the basic biotechnologies used in genetic analysis and diagnosis of disease, and perform and analyze the results of an experimental sequence using gel electrophoresis, PCR, and bioinformatics.

Career Development Workshops: Scholars participate in activities designed to successfully guide them through the admissions process. Admissions officers will discuss the applications, interviewing, and financial decisions and best practices for admissions success, such as community service, shadowing, and research experiences.

Health Policy Seminars & Interprofessional Education: Scholars take part in a series of seminars and workshops that examine topics such as the current U.S. healthcare industry and public policy, health disparity causes and solutions, and issues concerning lack of healthcare access.  Scholars will also engage in interprofessional exercises to simulate the collaboration that occurs between professionals of the various health fields in providing patient care.

Clinical Experience: We provide a variety of clinical rotations for scholars to learn more about their intended careers and engage in interprofessional learning experiences. Rotations will take place in the teaching clinics of the six colleges or in sites with interprofessional models of care and teaching.


Meals: Meal plans will be purchased by UF SHPEP giving participants dining options 7 days a week.

Travel Assistance: Scholars eligible for travel assistance will be reimbursed following the completion of the program. Assistance is variable and based upon distance, need, and/or state of residence.

Stipend: Scholars will receive $600 stipend, which will be distributed in three $200 installments in weeks 1, 4, and the week after the program has concluded.


Housing: Scholars stay in dormitories located in the center of campus, a ten-minute walk from the Health Science Center. Scholars also have access to the campus and city buses.

Health Insurance: Limited health coverage provided to all selected participants by UF SHPEP.

Social Activities: Scholars have a full menu of extracurricular activities to enjoy. Possible adventures include: touring UF Museums, talent show, kayaking, disc golf, volleyball, swimming, tubing, social gatherings with professional students, bowling, movies, and summer concerts on the plaza